5 Brilliant Copenhagen Boutiques For Early Christmas Shopping

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

5 Brilliant Copenhagen Boutiques For Early Christmas Shopping

If you’re looking to get ahead on your Christmas shopping this year, Copenhagen abounds with amazing little boutiques.

We’re all for supporting local businesses, especially during what is bound to be an unusual festive season this year. There is also the added bonus when you shop at a boutique of not having to bring a list. Shopping becomes less of a struggle to find something specific as you can instead choose from an abundance of high-quality gifts, rather than picking through a website or chain-store.

1. Plant København

📍Jægersborggade 27, 2200 København N

📍Århusgade 132, 2150 Nordhavn

Plants bring some of the outside inside, which is brilliant in the freezing cold of winter when outdoors looks slightly less appealing. If the recipient of your gift is not the best gardener then there’s always the hardy cacti. It will forgive you for all of your mistakes, even if you forget to water it for a couple of weeks. With two locations in Copenhagen and a wonderful, airy atmosphere, this boutique is sure to give you some gift-inspiration.

2. Karamelleriet

📍Jægersborggade 36, 2200 København N

Sweets have long since been the friend of every Christmas shopper. Almost universally adored, they are the perfect gift for acquaintances as well as those with whom you have been friends for years. Everyone has had that supermarket box of sweets bought for them at Christmas but what Karamelleriet has on offer is in another universe entirely. This year they are offering some delicious-sounding Christmas treats, from glittery candy calendars to the elusive ‘Ice Crystals’. A Christmas visit to Karamelleriet is an absolute must-do.

3. Designer Zoo 

📍Vesterbrogade 137, København V


At Designer Zoo not only can you buy gifts made by amazing local designers, but you can also watch some of them being made. On-site there’s a ceramic workshop, and even a goldsmith. There are so many quality items on sale to choose from here, from hand-made jewelry to ceramics. Artwork, which would look beautiful in any house is sold both as original art and as printed art. You could even head here to find this year’s Christmas decorations for your own home.

4. Ubbe’s Vinhandel

📍Ny Vestergade 1, 1471 København

This is one of the oldest wine shops in Copenhagen and they have an amazing selection of both wines and spirits for sale. Anybody who appreciates fancy alcohol would be a breeze to buy for in this little shop. It also functions as a wine-bar so we see no reason why you couldn’t appreciate some of that fancy wine yourself, whilst shopping. Treat yourself, it’s nearly Christmas (sort of).

5. Ostekælderen

📍Gothersgade 41, 1123 København K

The most amazing cheeses and accompaniments can be found at Ostekælderen and the enthusiastic owner will be more than happy to talk you through each delicious variety. All of the best Danish cheeses are stocked here, amongst others from further afield. You can also enjoy some tasty food yourself here and, after all, what is a Danish Christmas without cheese?


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