This Luxury Chocolatiers Needs A Chocolate Taster in Copenhagen And It Sounds Perfect

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This Luxury Chocolatiers Needs A Chocolate Taster in Copenhagen And It Sounds Perfect

Clearly the most delicious job in the world!

If you count yourself as a bit of a chocoholic then this might just be the perfect job for you. Simply Chocolate is advertising for a position at the company as a chocolate taster! Plus, the only criteria you need to fit to apply are age (over 18) and location (living in Denmark). 2-3 times a year some delicious handmade chocolates will be sent to your home, then you are expected to give feedback. The successful applicant will only have to travel to the office once a year! [Photos: @simplychocolatecph]

Vegan? Don’t worry, they’re accepting applications from vegans too, to taste the dark chocolate varieties. So, who would ask for applications when the employees could just stuff their faces with all of this lovely chocolate instead? Well, Simply chocolate writes:

‘We eat chocolate every day and our taste buds know Simply Chocolate chocolate better than anyone else. We therefore need some independent taste buds to taste and challenge our chocolate.’

Perhaps, then, it’s time to let loose the food critic inside of you, but you won’t be paid for it. Although the company is willing to pay for travel to meetings, the successful applicant will essentially be paid in chocolate for this job. Although, that doesn’t sound too bad, given the minimal effort required and the tasty nature of those Simply Chocolate deliveries.


The company is hiring 5 chocolate tasters, all in all. As previously mentioned, those chocolate tasters will only have to come to the office once a year, but it will definitely be worth it. Those meetings will include a ‘sumptuous chocolate meal’, which is just the cherry on top of the already tasty cake, isn’t it?

If you want one of these chocolate tasting positions then you need to email an application to smag@simplychocolate.dk by February 28, and then sit back and dream of chocolate. The job application can be found here and we wish you the best of luck!

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