Stranger Than Kindness: The Nick Cave Exhibition Comes to Copenhagen In June

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Stranger Than Kindness: The Nick Cave Exhibition Comes to Copenhagen In June

The highly sensory experience will allow visitors to delve into the creative mind of Nick Cave.

Nick Cave is bringing his new exhibition, Stranger Than Kindness: The Exhibition, to Copenhagen this Summer. Visitors can experience it from June 8 2021 at The Black Diamond. The artist, whose career has spanned around 50 years so far, has filled a total of 8 rooms with his exhibition. The rooms include a recreation of his untidy office, complete with records and memorabilia from stars like Kylie Minogue, who is also of Aussie origin. [Featured image: @nickcaveandthebadseeds, Facebook]

Original artwork adorns the walls and surfaces of the exhibition, along with handwritten lyrics, photography, and even set designs. Iconic costumes from Nick Cave’s videos will also be on display and another room, in which he lived during his time in West Berlin, has also been recreated for the exhibition. This display really feels lived in, decorated with finds from his local flea market and even locks of hair which had presumably come from the heads of his sisters. Slightly odd, but this is after all an exploration of Nick Cave’s mind and he’s never been too conventional as a character.


Fans of Nick Cave will be in their element here. The exhibition had been set to open 2 months ago but it was delayed due to restrictions and concerns around the Covid-19 epidemic. Luckily, Cave is sticking it out in Copenhagen and you can buy tickets online HERE.