Copenhagen Has Been Named 4th Best City In The World

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Copenhagen Has Been Named 4th Best City In The World

We know we’re number one though!

The magazine Timeout has interviewed 27,000 people over 18 months and the results are in: Copenhagen is the 4th best city in the world, according to public opinion! In our hearts, the city will always be number one, but we have to say that’s a pretty prestigious score for our lovely city.

So how did Copenhagen make it to 4th place? Well, this year has already seen the city voted best place to live in the world. This amazing title came from Monocle’s yearly survey, and this year Copenhagen reclaimed the number one spot from Tokyo.

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Secondly, Copenhagen is the greenest city on Earth. We have a very progressive and in many ways groundbreaking way of living. Places like CopenHill utilise waste to create power, and last year over 50% of Denmark’s electricity came from renewable energy sources.


Timeout also cites feedback given by respondents to their survey: ’82 percent of residents find it easy to discover new and surprising things in the city’. Of course, this city wouldn’t be anywhere near as great if it weren’t constantly evolving and changing to suit the needs of its inhabitants and right now is an exciting time for Copenhagen as restrictions reduce and businesses begin to bounce back. So here’s to an exciting autumn in the world’s 4th best city!

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