Candlelight Movie Soundtracks • Listen Live At The Gorgeous Moltkes Palæ In Copenhagen

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Candlelight Movie Soundtracks • Listen Live At The Gorgeous Moltkes Palæ In Copenhagen

These enchanting concerts are coming to Copenhagen in April and May.

Candlelight is ready to bring you the most luxurious and magical experience at the stunningly beautiful Moltkes Palæ, in the centre of the city. Take the weight off your feet and forget all of your worries as you listen to talented musicians perform classic movie soundtracks, surrounded by flickering candles. You may have to double-take as the orchestra plays tunes from favourites such as Star Wars and Harry Potter, in the classiest, most refined manner. All you have to do is sit and let the music fill your senses whilst candles cast gorgeous shadows around the room.

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Candlelight has been such a success across many different countries – Paris, New York, Madrid and Barcelona. Therefore, the experience has been fine-tuned over the years to create something truly special, which you won’t want to miss for anything. The team have been working hard to adapt to a changing world. For your own safety, guests must distance from one another, but this won’t have any impact on the brilliant atmosphere in the room.

Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, and attendance is limited to those over the age of 8. Plus, electric candles take the place of wax ones, to protect the beautiful venue and for the safety of all guests. The amazing Moltkes Palæ will enchant guests of all ages, making everyone feel like a VIP. It was built in the 1700s, before even Frederiksstaden, and its baroque style charms the eyes with delicate, yet bold decoration and huge, luxurious rooms. Moltkes Palæ is the perfect place in which to experience this amazing event, and you can book tickets online here.

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