Denmark’s Eerie Abandoned Fairground • Fun Park Fyn

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Denmark’s Eerie Abandoned Fairground • Fun Park Fyn

On the island of Funen sits a spooky fairground, abandoned years ago and left to rust.

Fun Time Fyn was once a lovely little fairground in Aarup. It had waterslides, bumper cars, and various other family style amusements on offer. The place was never large but it was a brilliant place to bring the kids on a weekend. You could win prizes, eat candyfloss, and pedal down the river on a little swan-shaped pedalo. However, when 2006 brought a financial crisis to much of the world, the park owner went bankrupt and the place was abandoned.

Now those same swan pedalos sit abandoned on the river. The slides are overgrown with leaves and branches and if you find any candyfloss then you definitely shouldn’t eat it.


We’re not sure whether this place is safe to visit but people do visit it regardless of health and safety concerns. It sits empty, unkempt, and exposed to the elements.
There were rumours in 2013 that the park was going to re-open with a Hans Christian Anderson theme but these were just rumours and the park remains abandoned. The future of this park is unknown. Perhaps something new will be built on the site in future but, as it stands, it is certainly one of the most spooky spectacles to behold in all of Denmark.


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