An Amazing New Space To Eat, Drink And Watch Football Is Opening In The Prince’s Mansion

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An Amazing New Space To Eat, Drink And Watch Football Is Opening In The Prince’s Mansion

Taste history in the beautiful courtyard of the Prince’s Mansion.

The Prince’s Mansion is today home to the National Museum and Inner City, but it is steeped in its own intriguing history, and soon you will be able to sit and experience this yourself. [Photo: @nationalmuseet /Facebook]

A new space within the Prinsens Palægård will open to the public on April 30, with a cafe for the adults to enjoy and a playroom for the kids to relish. Plus, there will be a historical ambience created by sounds of 18th century Copenhagen which will be played over speakers. What a brilliant way to take a trip back into historical Copenhagen and enjoy a lovely coffee whilst you’re at it.

In fact, just sitting in this lovely space will fill the senses will fill visitors with curiosity, as they feel the history of the actual building all around them. It was built in 1684 and became home to the first reformed church in Copenhagen. King Frederick IV then renovated the property and it became home to his son, Crown Prince Christian VI.


Photo: @nationalmuseet /Facebook

After the royal family moved out of the palace, artists, peers and courtiers used the space for some time. It even housed the Danish Supreme Court temporarily after a fire destroyed the space previously occupied at Christiansborg in 1794. So, Prinsens Palægård really has played a huge role in Danish history and it’s that is very apparent in the building itself, which holds the secrets of many lives lived.

If history isn’t really your thing, this place still has a lot to offer because they’re planning to show live football on a big screen, alongside events like quizzes and debates.  You can learn more about the Nationalmuseet on the website.

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