This Indulgent Chocolate Brunch Is Perfect For Chocoholics

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Junior Writer

chocolate brunch peter beier

We’ve written about boozy brunches before but up until now, we’d never even heard of something so indulgent as a chocolate brunch. If you’re one of those people that won’t eat sweet food until lunchtime then you won’t be into this, but if you crave chocolate 24/7 then a chocolate brunch is pretty much the dream, right?

Peter Beier Chokolade is incredibly well known in Copenhagen. With 3 locations across Copenhagen, any chocolate connoisseur will have heard the name and started daydreaming of delicious chocolate. Here the most amazing treats are made, from ice cream to afternoon tea, and we’d gladly spent an eternity at one of their locations if life would allow for it. However, you can easily sample the most delicious products here in an hour or so if you opt for the chocolate brunch.

It’s a real mix of savory and sweet. These savory treats include truffle salami with apple smoked cheddar (one of the best things in life), flambéed grape with cocoa nibs, skyr with chocolate muesli, and almonds. This is all served with some chocolate rye bread and sourdough buns.


These sourdough buns are coated with a delicious chocolate spread, and if that isn’t chocolatey enough for you then you can always wash it all down with one (or more) of their 23 varieties of hot chocolate. Then there’s always a counter full of chocolates to choose from if you’re still a bit peckish after your brunch.

It comes to 159 DKK per person and it’s available at all of their locations in Copenhagen. You can always opt for some chocolate tapas instead of a brunch if you’d like a bit more meat in your meal, too. You can book brunch or tapas via the website, where you can also read more about both experiences.

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