Copenhagen Ranked One Of The Best Places To Visit By National Geographic

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Copenhagen Ranked One Of The Best Places To Visit By National Geographic

Copenhagen’s social conscience has helped it to score so highly.

Copenhagen has long been a popular place for tourists to visit. It’s particularly beautiful in the winter when the colder climate creates an amazing, festive atmosphere, which visitors can’t get enough of. However, National Geographic has other reasons for featuring Copenhagen on its list of ‘Best Trips For Future Planning‘.

Whilst Copenhagen is a European city with all of the perks of urban life, it is also a city that strives for sustainability. As National Geographic points out, this covid-19 epidemic has only served to highlight the inequality and unsustainability which already exist in our global society. It has also highlighted the need to create a healthier world, with less pollution and more sustainable energy sources. In the opinion of National Geographic, Copenhagen stands out for its commitment to sustainability and that is why people should visit.

Photo: CopenHill Urban Mountain on Facebook

Copenhagen is ‘on track to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025’, a target that Lord Mayor Frank Jensen says is committed to. The benefits for Copenhagen will be huge if this target is met. As USA Today points out, ‘global pollution is the world’s biggest killer’, after all. National Geographic also points to tangible measures that are already being implemented. For example, the transition Copenhagen’s public transport system is making from diesel to electric-powered vehicles. CopenHill, the amazing outdoor spot providing clean energy for thousands of families, also gets a mention. It is truly a remarkable and innovative place. Moreover, according to National Geographic, over 60% of Copenhageners use the city’s cycle paths to get to work or school, which is obviously brilliant for the environment and for public health.



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