Copenhagen Has The 3rd Best Work-Life Balance In The Whole World According To Statistics

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Copenhagen Has The 3rd Best Work-Life Balance In The Whole World According To Statistics

The Danish way of life is one to watch in a fast-paced, work-based world.

According to the statistics-focused site, Kisi, Copenhagen comes in at a healthy 3rd in the world when it comes to work-life balance. The winner is Oslo in Norway, with Helsinki hot on its heels, in third place. The site has used several variables in compiling this list, including hours worked and hours spent commuting. Also used were the percentage of a city’s population that is overworked, paid parental leave availability, and the number of vacation days. However, things like air quality and affordability also play a part as variables. As the world battles the pandemic and the prospect of mass unemployment, the projected unemployment of a city and the impact Covid-19 is currently having on the city have also been considered.

Copenhagen comes in as the sixth-best city in the world when it comes to Covid-19 impact. However, cities that are currently struggling with Covid-19 cases like New York and Madrid, which also happen to be big, metropolitan cities, rank very lowly when it comes to Covid-19 impact. When it comes to the average hours worked in a week by each city’s population, Copenhagen also scores favourably, coming in fourth behind Amsterdam, Calgary, and Ottowa. Copenhageners apparently work, on average, 37.5 hours a week. This compares to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, which comes in at last place for working hours. The average person in Kuala Lumpur works on average 52 hours a week. According to the statistics, in Copenhagen, only 6.6% of people are overworked, compared to 29.9% in Hong Kong, too.


When it comes to happiness, culture, and leisure, Copenhagen comes in an impressive fourth. We come in just behind Helsinki, Melbourne, and Zurich – all beautiful cities. However, we all know that Copenhagen can be an expensive city to live in. This is reflected in our place on the list as we come in 28th when it comes to affordability. You can explore the statistics on the Kisi website and even toggle variables on and off if you want to how Copenhagen fares. It’s more fun than it sounds, honest!

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