7 Events We’re Eagerly Awaiting At Copenhagen Pride 2021

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

7 Events We’re Eagerly Awaiting At Copenhagen Pride 2021

This year organisers are pulling out all the stops!

This year’s Pride in Copenhagen is set to be absolutely incredible. Not only is Copenhagen hosting World Pride, but the city is also hosting the Euro Games! There are so many exciting events taking place, and to see the full schedule you can download the Copenhagen 2021 app. If you fancy a trip to Malmo too, there will be tons of things going on there, but these are the events we’re most looking forward to right here in Copenhagen.

1. Fluid Festival

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An amazing, 9-day event will set up in the lovely Gammel Strand from August 13-21, with plenty of speakers who can speak to the lived experiences of being gender fluid or fluid in terms of sexual orientation. There are speakers coming from all around the world to be heard here, from Jamaica to Russia, and there will also be live performances that are sure to bring even more vibrancy to this brilliant festival. You’ll be able to grab a drink and something to eat here when the performances begin to take over from the speakers, and there’s going to be a ramp down to the water, too.

2. Eurogames


Copenhagen and Malmo will be holding this year’s Eurogames, and if you love to watch sports then this is for you! Participants will take place in 22 sporting events, from August 18-20 and it’s going to be huuuggeee! You can register until July 26, or until tickets for each event run out, so hurry!

3. Under The Rainbow Concert 


Yes, that is a photo of Princess Nokia, and yes, she is performing at Copenhagen Pride! Pretty fantastic, right? But she’s not the only big name due to perform. On August 19 at K. B. Hallen & Fælledparken you’ll be able to see the likes of Theo X, Ivy Rosenauer, and many other LGBTQI+ artists perform, and it’s free! They’ll be performing in K. B. Hallen, but it will be live-streamed on big screens to Fælledparken so we can all hang out and watch it will some cold drinks and yummy food.

4. Display Of The Original Rainbow Flag


On the 25th anniversary of Stonewall in 1994 a mile-long rainbow flag was created by Gilbert Baker, and during Pride 30 metres of it will fly over Copenhagen City Hall. The once mile-long flag has been divided into sections and parts of it are used in different cities to celebrate Pride.


5. 700 Years of Art in a Queer Perspective


From August 14-20 the Statens Museum for Kunst will be hosting guided tours in English and Danish. Here a guide will take you through the extensive and impressive collection here and explain the significance of identity, love, and queerness in the artwork.

6. World Pride March


This year there are going to be 6 separate Pride marches, and they’ll all begin at different locations in Copenhagen but conclude at Fælledparken for the closing ceremony. There will be up to 1,000 people in each march and they’ve been scheduled to arrive at the park at different times.

7. City Walk: 111 LGBTI+ Places in Copenhagen

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Chantal al Arab of the #YouAreIncluded podcast, who also co-authored 111 Places In Copenhagen That You Shouldn’t Miss, is giving guided tours of the capital. This time Chantal will focus on the LGBTI+ spaces right here in the city, and offer a fresh perspective on our capital.

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