Covid-19 Hospital Occupancy Drops To Lowest Levels Since Early December

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Covid-19 Hospital Occupancy Drops To Lowest Levels Since Early December

It’s a taste of good news for us all.

The Local reports that on December 15 439 people were being treated in hospital with Covid-19. That’s still 439 people too many, but we have seen far more admissions this month. On January 4 a staggering 964 people were admitted to hospital in Denmark because of covid-19. Now, we have some good news because those numbers are decreasing again.

There are now 444 covid-19 patients in Danish hospitals, according to Denmark’s Statens Serum Institut. This is significantly lower than the hospital occupancy levels we saw during the second wave, and also lower than the figures for last Spring when numbers hovered around 500. This can only benefit the health system and free up the capacity to treat patients with other illnesses. With the reduction in hospital figures comes a reduction in the number of patients on ventilators. At the moment, 63 people across the country are relying on ventilators because of covid-19. This figure is the lowest it has been this year.


Just over 3% of Denmark’s population has received their first vaccination, and nearly 2% have received a second dose. Many see vaccination as a light at the end of the tunnel and the government aims to keep up momentum when it comes to vaccination. An online vaccine passport which will hopefully give people more freedom to travel is also being developed, and we should see more information on this by the end of February.

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