From Friday Restrictions Will Ease, So What’s Changing?

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Roman statues at the Statens Museum For Kunst, Copehnagen.

From Friday 16 January restrictions will ease significantly in Denmark, and a new set of more lenient restrictions will remain in place until January 31. These new restrictions still contain remnants of the old set of rules but there will be a very noticeable change in Danish society.

Cultural institutions open

covid restrictions
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Until Friday all amusement parks, concert halls, theatres, museums, community centers, zoos cinemas, and art galleries will remain closed. However, after Friday all cultural institutions may open their doors once again, but capacity will be capped at 5oo people at indoor institutions. There will be no maximum capacity in places of worship.

Curfews on the sale of alcohol remain

Friends together holding glasses of wine and spirits.
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Bars and nightclubs must close at 11 pm and stop selling alcohol at 10 pm, so nothing’s changed there. We’ll also need to keep wearing face masks on public transport and health passes must be shown on innercity trains.


So, you can visit the zoo or a museum from Friday onwards, but don’t try and order a G&T past 1o pm. You should consult the Coronasmitte website for updates and official guidance.

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