The Danish-Japanese Fusion Bakery With The Most Spectacular Bakes • Andersen Bakery

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The Danish-Japanese Fusion Bakery With The Most Spectacular Bakes • Andersen Bakery

Their mini-cakes and croissants are out of this world.

If you head to Andersen Bakery on Islands Brygge you will find the most amazing cakes and pastries just waiting to be gobbled up. This beautiful bakery has a long history. In 1948 Shunsuke Takaki, his wife Akiko opened their very first bakery in Japan and over the years their business grew. However, Shunsuke’s love of Danish baking came when he visited Europe in 1959. He brought this new passion with him back to Japan, where he opened Andersen Bakery in Hiroshima in 1967. [Featured photos: @Andersenbakerydenmark on Facebook]

From this first Danish-style bakery sprung a whole franchise of Little Mermaid Bakeries in Japan and overseas. The family had successfully addicted Japan to Danish baking and, in 2017, they finally opened up Andersen Bakery in Copenhagen. The story of this amazing couple’s love for Danish baking, combined with their amazing skill is inspiring and you can read more about it on their website.

Now, however, it is time to talk about the cakes! Copenhageners are, of course, used to excellent-quality baked good because our city is full of amazing bakeries. However, the surprise comes with the Japanese flavours, which makes everything so intriguing. Their wonderful crossaints, packed with flavour, are crisp and flaky on the outside with a soft, buttery inside and you can buy them filled with sweet, tangy rhubarb. Andersen’s counter abounds with the flakiest, softest, most delicious pastries such as cinnamon ‘snails’ and cream spandauer.


Whilst their menu is always changing, you can be sure to find delicious tarts and desserts whenever you visit. In the Summer patrons stuffed their faces with zesty and sweet lemon pies, and you can always find something seasonal. Their 2020/21 New Year cake was mouthwateringly good. It combined the delicious flavours of lime, white chocolate mousse, coconut flakes, passionfruit jelly and an almond base. They also offer a range of egg-free and dairy-free products called ‘Sukoyaka’, meaning ‘healthy’.

You can order these delicious desserts, pastries, breads and cakes on this website and, depending on what you order, it could arrive at your house within a few hours.

Andersen Bakery

Open Mon-Friday 6.30am-7pm and Sat-Sun 6.30am-6pm

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