A Study Has Named Denmark The Greenest Country In The World

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

A Study Has Named Denmark The Greenest Country In The World

Denmark takes environmentalism seriously.

The Environmental Performance Index has studied and scored each country according to its green credentials and Denmark has come out on top.  This is a fantastic vindication of Denmark’s commitment to green policies, which are something for which the country is known the world over. All in all, each country was scored using 32 credentials, including air quality and climate change mitigation.

The 49 highest-scoring countries were all ‘high-income’ and after Denmark were Luxembourg, then Switzerland, and in 4th place the United Kingdom. Sweden and Norway came in 8th and 9th, respectively. The reason behind Denmark’s high-score in this study was its efforts to mitigate climate change. Lots of countries employ policies with the aim of mitigating climate change but Denmark really reigns supreme when it comes to results.


Denmark is also world-leading when it comes to wastewater treatment, alongside other Nordic and Scandinavian countries like Finland and Sweden. Not only does the country lead in certain areas, but it has effective policy covering all of the important environmental issues currently affecting the Earth and those who live on it. This includes factors like CO2 reduction, but also biodiversity, air quality and sanitation.

Although Denmark has a very high GDP per capita, countries like Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland and Norway have an even higher GDP per capita. So, Denmark’s first-place score is not just down to the wealth of the country, which demonstrates that Denmark really does take environmental issues and environmental policy seriously.

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