The Amazing Bar Serving Magical Fairytale Themed Cocktails • Nimb Copenhagen

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The Amazing Bar Serving Magical Fairytale Themed Cocktails • Nimb Copenhagen

Who says that fairytales aren’t for grown-ups?

Nimb Hotel is one of the grandest hotels in Copenhagen, and possibly even the world. This beautiful hotel sits within Tivoli Gardens and it, therefore, could not be better suited to serve the fantastical cocktails on its fairytale menu. Copenhageners will be well acquainted with the amazing Hans Christian Andersen. He began writing fairytales upon moving to the brilliant Copenhagen and his legacy lives on in the daydreams of all who have read his fairytales. [Photo: www.nimb.dk]

Inspired by the escape and wonderment that Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales offer the world, the team at Nimb Hotel has created the most enchanting and delicious cocktails for us all to enjoy. ‘Tis the season for indulgence, after all, and nothing sounds better than an evening spent in this delightful hotel with one of 13 fairytale cocktails in your hand. The works of Andersen are reflected beautifully in the design and taste of the cocktails. In particular, their ode to The Nightingale is perfect. The Chinese imperial park which sets the scene for this story was, after all, said to have been inspired by Tivoli, which Andersen visited in 1843.

The Nightingale is really a story about appreciating reality. The emperor has a flashy, mechanical nightingale but it is nothing compared to the real nightingale. Though the nightingale is a dull brown colour, it is the life within it that truly shines through. The flavours in the cocktail -gin, violet liqueur, pear, lemon, bell pepper and raspberry honegar (honey and apple cider vinegar) – are used subtly to create a cocktail that has depth and power, without being overpowering.


Of course, one of the cocktails that will resonate deeply with Copenhageners is The Little Mermaid. After all, visitors to Copenhagen flock to see her statue at the promenade and this cocktail does not disappoint. The flavours have been carefully balanced, including vodka, lychee, lime cordial, coconut water, cucumber and spirulina. The fresh and vibrant flavours take you to to the sea, as each element washes over you in pleasant waves. Check out their website for more information, and to download the full fairytale cocktail menu.

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