6 Fantastic Harbour Baths In Copenhagen For A Relaxing Sea Swim

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6 Fantastic Harbour Baths In Copenhagen For A Relaxing Sea Swim

Fantastic for a refreshing afternoon.

There’s nothing like a swim on a warm day to make you feel alive and rejuvinated, and there are plenty of harbour baths in Copenhagen where you can really dive in and have a fantastic time. It’s not always warm in Denmark (rarely, in fact) but that’s never put Danes off swimming in the sea. Some people even take the plunge in the middle of Winter! So, if you’re up for a swim, here are the best places in Copenhagen to brave it. [Photos: Unsplash]

1. Kastrup Søbad

📍 Amager Strandvej 301

Also known as ‘The Snail’, Kastrup Søbad is the perfect place to take a dip in the refreshing seawater. Plus, it’s a stunning place just to hang out and take in the beauty of the Øresund. There are loads of spots for diving and sunbathing too, so if you have friends who are not brave enough to take the plunge, they can simply enjoy the sun on a warm day and keep you company.

2. Helgoland

Helgoland was built in 1913, so people have been swimming there for a very long time indeed, and when you arrive you can see why. You can even take a dip on the nude here if you’re so inclined, but make sure you’re in the right section if you’re going to strip down to your birthday suit! Ordinarily, there would be vans selling ice cream and drinks here in the Summer, so look out for those this year.

3. Dragør Søbad

Dragør is a lovely little fishing village in Copenhagen where you can easily spend the day exploring the local wildlife, and there’s no better way to do than to take a dip in the sea there. There’s a marina here that’s perfect for a stroll after your swim and a bite to eat at one of the many cafes.


4. Islands Brygge

Islands Brygge is enjoyed by tons of Copenhageners every year because the facilities are so good. There’s a diving pool, a swimming pool and even a children’s pool. You can sunbathe here too and there are plenty of places to eat around the harbour once you get hungry after a relaxing swim in one of the pools.

5. The Coral Bath, Sluseholmen

These gorgeous baths are shaped like a coral reef and it’s not usually as busy as some of the other harbour baths on the list. So, it’s the perfect place to go for a peaceful swim if you don’t want to be surrounded by people splashing in the sea.

6. Fisketorvet Havnebad

Fisketorvet is great for some serious lane-swimming up and down the outdoor pool in the harbour. It’s an olympic sized pool and the perfect place to learn how to swim. Sometimes, on Tuesdays, there are free swimming lessons, too. Plus the pool has a couple of diving boards and a children’s pool.

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