The Most Colourful And Instagrammable Spots in Copenhagen

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

The Most Colourful And Instagrammable Spots in Copenhagen

The perfect spots for gorgeous snaps.

Sometimes you just want to take a pretty photo and upload it to Instagram, but with the sheer amount of accounts vying for attention on this social media platform, those photos have to stand out to be noticed. People have been taking photos of themselves with beautiful backdrops since photography was invented, so it’s nothing new. We just use social media to share those photos now instead of sitting in each other’s front rooms, looking at photo albums. So, if you’re looking for some exciting places to enjoy yourself and also take some eye-catching photos, look no further. [Photos: Manon les Suites/ Unsplash]

1. Manon les Suites 

The whole hotel is gorgeous, but the thing that really sets it apart from other hotels is the Junglefish Pool. it’s absolutely stunning, adorned with fish-shaped lanterns hanging from the ceiling, luxurious loungers, and a beautiful blue pool surrounded by tropical greenery.

2. Bispebjerg Cemetery

This beautiful cemetery is filled with cherry blossom trees that bloom in the Springtime. This year so many people wanted to walk under the cherry blossom that time limits and a one-way system were actually implemented to stop it from getting too crowded.

3. Palads Teatret

This stunning, pink, green, blue and purple cinema has captured the hearts of many an Instagram enthusiast. It’s entirely covered is gorgeous colours and decoration, so it makes the perfect backdrop for photos.

4. Tivoli Gardens

We couldn’t write this article without mentioning Tivoli Gardens, could we? The fascinating decorations inspired by different countries and cultures across the world make for a stunning photo and a fantastic day out.


5. Superkilen Park

Superkilen is a wonderful park, designed to bring together migrant and non-migrant populations in one amazing space. The beautiful mix of designs is inspired by the different cultures living in the area, and it’s a fabulous place to photograph.

6. Illum

Illum is an incredibly fancy shopping centre with a fantastic rooftop restaurant and bar with amazing views of Copenhagen. However, the interior of the shopping centre itself is just as stunning, decorated elaborately and colourfully.

7. Kastrup Søbad

At sunset or sunrise, there is nowhere more beautiful than Kastrup Søbad. Soft horizons surround a beautiful wooden structure in the shape of a spiral, and you should definitely take a dip whilst you’re there.

8. Botanical Gardens

If you want to be surrounded by stunning greenery then this is the place to go. People like to climb the spiral staircase and take photos of themselves amongst the foliage, and with a backdrop like that, the photos are sure to turn out excellent.

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