Christmassy Kayaks Will Form A Spectacular Procession For Saint Lucia Day

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Saint Lucia Day

St. Lucia day really marks the beginning of the festive season in Denmark. Processions of people dressed in white to honour one of the earliest Christian martyrs. A stand-in Saint Lucia leads the way with a crown of light atop their head. This pays tribute to the way in which Saint Lucia is said to have lit the way so that she could bring food to Christians persecuted by the Roman Empire.

Although the celebration is not strictly unique to Scandinavia, it is celebrated most emphatically in the Scandi countries, and it’s really a very special occasion. In the cold, dark Copenhagen winter there will be a procession to mark the occasion along the canals, and plenty of lights are set to illuminate the way this year.

Kayaks decked out in Christmas lights and decorations will proceed along Copenhagen’s stunning canals, with those on board singing traditional Christmas songs. It’s sure to be pretty spectacular, with the kayas gathering at Kajakhotellet around 5 pm on December 13.


The procession will run through Nyhavn 15 minutes later, then Christianshavn and Højbro Plads, finishing at Kayak Bar with some well-deserved festivities. If you fancy a walk then you can always walk alongside the kayaks, and you can always join the procession if you have your own equipment or would like to rent one.

You can read more about the St. Lucia Day festivities on the Facebook page for the event but please make sure to have your Coronapas and mask ready. Outdoor events with more than 1,000 participants and indoor events with more than 100 participants now require Coronapas. If you have any questions about the new regulations then you can always consult the official government website.

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