Københavns Museum Has Been Nominated For The European Museum Award 2021

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Københavns Museum Has Been Nominated For The European Museum Award 2021

It has some of the best exhibitions in the world!

We haven’t been able to visit Københavns Museum recently because it has been closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, we remember the excitement of walking through those doors and discovering so much about the history of the city. From the age of the Vikings to the modern-day, the museum abounds with amazing exhibitions. They are adored by locals and tourists alike. [Photo: Kobenhavns Museum on Facebook]

Therefore, it is very fitting that the museum has been nominated for the European Museum Award 2021. Such happy and welcome news, given that the museum is currently unable to take visitors. On their Facebook page, the museum gave its reaction to the nomination:

‘The award goes to a museum that helps to give its visitors a special experience with a place that has atmospheric, innovative interpreters, offers creative teaching courses and takes social responsibility. It is therefore a huge honor for the Copenhagen Museum to be one of the nominees in 2021 in the company of other fantastic museums around Europe. A huge thank you to the European Museum Forum for the nomination so far!’


The European Museum Forum awards the prize, and a total of 27 museums have been nominated. Unfortunately, the award ceremony could not take place in 2020, but the award was given to the Museum of Secret Surveillance (House of Leaves) in Tirana, Albania. Previous winners also include the War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and The European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk, Poland.

Other nominees for this year’s award include Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, the Netherlands and CosmoCaixa in Barcelona, Spain, amongst many others. Here’s hoping that this year the award comes to Copenhagen!

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