5 Michelin Star Restaurants Offering Gourmet Valentine’s Day Takeaway In Copenhagen

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5 Michelin Star Restaurants Offering Gourmet Valentine’s Day Takeaway In Copenhagen

Treat yourself, you definitely deserve it this year!

Being stuck inside the house on Valentine’s Day is a bit rubbish, isn’t it? However, there are still plenty of things we can do to make it special. Copenhagen has tons of amazing Michelin star restaurants, serving the most delicious food in the city, especially for. You know it’s good because The Michelin Guide runs a tight ship, and despite the pandemic, they have recently reviewed their ratings. This list incorporates those offering takeaways, and they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day when people have a good excuse to go gourmet. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day away from your partner, aren’t in a serious relationship, or simply couldn’t give a shit about Valentine’s Day, just eat it all yourself and feel smug. [Photos: @restaurantveve/@restaurantbrace]

1. Radio

One of the things that stands out about Copenhagen’s Radio is that the restaurant uses a lot of organic ingredients sourced from its own fields. Accordingly, the food on the menu changes with the seasons, which makes it fresher and far tastier. Plus, you can now order online from Radio, from a menu that is likely to include fresh fruit and vegetables harvested in the winter. The protein comes from typical Danish meats and fish like pork and salmon, cooked to perfection. All for DKK 405. To order, visit the website and check out their menu.

2. Brace

If you love modern Italian food then Brace is definitely the place for you. Everything that is cooked in their kitchen is given unwavering attention and you can count on it to be incredible. Some of the dishes need a bit of prep at home, but nothing drastic. Their takeaway menu comes in at 495 per person, for a 4-course meal, including dishes like veal carpaccio, tagliatelle with broccoli pesto, and roast chicken with porchetta. Doesn’t it sound like Heaven? Well, to order your own slice of deliciousness, visit their website and have a gander at their menu.

3. Aamanns 1921

Aamanns 1921 takes their food seriously, there’s no doubt about it. This place grinds and mills its own flours, which is just a gargantuan task that only a Michelin star restaurant would bother to undertake. They also marinate their own herring for at least 6 months and pick their own herbs to compliment the food. From the first bite, it’s clear that a lot of love has gone into the food they make. At the moment, their evening meals are not available to order, but their smørrebrød is, and there are so many options to choose from! One or these will cost you about DKK 65, but some are more costly, and you can check out their menu and order on the website.


4. Kiin Kiin

According to the Michelin guide, ‘Kiin Kiin’ means ‘come and eat’, and it’s pretty tempting to do so if you’ve ever strolled past this restaurant on an evening. It’s one of the only Thai restaurants in the world with a Michelin star so we’re very lucky to have it here in Copenhagen. For DKK 825 you can bag yourself a tasty 6 course meal, including didhses like beef with oyster sauce and smoked salmon with bonito and wasabi cream. They are also offering a vegetarian Valentine’s Day menu, which looks so delicious (see the photo above). Check out their menu online for more details and handy wine pairings.

5. Kiin Kiin VeVe

Kiin Kiin VeVe is definitely the place to order from if you’re veggie or vegan. Their menu is exclusively vegetarian, and just as tasty as the menu from Kiin Kiin. From their website you can other both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food because the takeaway site for Kiin Kiin and Kiin Kiin VeVe is the same, but you can click on this link to go straight to the Valentine’s Day veggie menu. Options include walnut bread, barbecued celeriac, truffle and black chestnut, and then some delicious desserts like orange cake with sesame cream.

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