You Could Get Paid To Holiday In Malta This Summer

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You Could Get Paid To Holiday In Malta This Summer

Sounds like a dream summer.

A Mediterranean escape has seemed little more than a pipe dream recently, but that could be about to change. Picture a summer spent relaxed on Malta’s beaches, viewing the sights in the city of Valletta and being bowled over by the ancient temples across the island. Sounds…pretty incredible, right? Oh, and did we mention that you could be the one that gets paid for enjoying this? [Photo: Unsplash]

Photo: Pixabay

That’s right, Europeans could be permitted to holiday in sunny Malta this summer. Malta has come up with a new financial incentive for travelers, as they prepare to welcome tourists once again. They’re offering cash to anyone who stays in a hotel for at least three nights during the summer. If you stay at a three-star hotel, you’ll receive €50; those at four-star hotels will be paid €80, and anyone at five-star hotels will get €100. Plus, the sums will be matched by the hotel, meaning tourists could receive up to €200 just for taking a holiday.

Seems pretty ideal to us. Just think of all the extra food you could gorge on with the extra cash. Currently, the venture is in its early stages, with hotels being asked to sign up. It is unclear when the scheme will officially begin.


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