Experience Your Worst Nightmare This Halloween At Reffen’s Immersive Horror Drive Thru

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Experience Your Worst Nightmare This Halloween At Reffen’s Immersive Horror Drive Thru

It’s not for the faint-hearted.

This Halloween Reffen hopes to scare everyone senseless with their Great Reset drive thru event. From October 8 to 24, this usually cheery street food spot will be transformed into a post-apocalyptic dystopian nightmare.

The premise is that chaos has consumed society and it’s turned people into monsters, and it genuinely sounds terrifying. Visitors will drive down a track on which they will encounter all sorts of awful sights and scares. From torture victims begging for help to psychotic executioners who want to tear them limb from limb – Reffen has gone all out on this one.

Special effects will bring the whole thing to life, and there’s even going to be a soundtrack provided that you can play in the car whilst you navigate your way around this hellish place. This is some grade-A scary stuff, but you can go for a tamer version if you’d like.

There are several options. The light horror version will be ideal for families with kids who want a bit of a scare but who don’t want the kids having nightmares for the rest of the year. It will take place when it’s still light outside and there will be no jump-scares either. However, it’s still sure to make you scream.


Then there’s the horror version, which will take place under the cover of darkness. Reffen will look otherworldly with actors everywhere ready to scare the pants off you, smoke to blur your vision of these scary beasts and lots of sound to add to the already terrifying atmosphere.

If you’re really brave then you can go for the epitome of the scary options, extreme horror. This one includes a rental car which visitors will drive around the track. All of the cars are a bit past their best, so you can expect the actors to really let loose on them with everything they have to try and get to you.

Should this terrifying experience appeal to you, you can book a spot via the website. After you’ve made your way through these hideous horrors you can refresh yourself with some delicious food and drink, and there will be DJs on hand to lighten things up a bit so that you might actually be able to sleep again sometime in the near future.

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