Following Last Night’s Reopening Agreement, What Will Open And When?

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Following Last Night’s Reopening Agreement, What Will Open And When?

Here’s Denmark’s roadmap out of restrictions:

Lots of things will be changing over the next few months. However, with newfound freedom will come responsibility, as people will need Covid-19 passports for even the simplest of errands, such as getting a haircut. The government originally stated that people would need Covid-19 passports for entry to museums, cafes, restaurants, and everything in between. However, they have now decided that visiting a terrace at a cafe or restaurant will not require a Covid-19 passport. The government hasn’t yet disclosed the details of these Covid-19 passports, but they will be in line with the EU’s own Covid-19 passports, which are still being worked on.

Once everybody over the age of 50 has been vaccinated, the government expects to reopen everything, but nothing has yet been announced on the subject of travel. Here’s a summary of everything that’s happening and when it’s happening, for you to pencil into your diaries.

Please bear in mind that things can, and will change according to the government’s assessment of the pandemic. You can always check the government website for updates, and we will always endeavour to keep you updated. 

April 6

Schools and universities will re-open, but face-to-face lessons will be reduced to 50% in schools and 20% in universities. Businesses like hairdressers and nail salons will also re-open. Everyone over the age of 16 must present a Covid-19 passport in order to access facilities like barbers and hairdressers etcetera.

April 13

Shopping centres and similar commercial premises may reopen if their square footage is below 15,000 metres. However, it won’t be possible to sit inside any of the places serving food, still.


April 21

Larger commercial premises like shopping centres with square footages over 15,000 metres will be allowed to reopen. Bars and restaurants will also be allowed to open both terraces and indoor areas to customers, with strict guidelines on social distancing. Restaurants and cafes must close at 11pm, and can only serve customers food or drink until 10pm. Cultural institutions like museums will also reopen and children will be able to participate in group sports.

May 6

Places like cinemas and theatres will also re-open.

May 21

All indoor activities and commercial premises that cater to the public will be able to reopen.

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