Roskilde Festival Is Back With An 8 Day Summer Days Festival This Month

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Roskilde Festival Is Back With An 8 Day Summer Days Festival This Month

Roskilde Festival is back!

Every year over 100,000 people come together and transform a simple field in Copenhagen into a fantastic, fun-filled festival. This year we’re sure things will be a little different but Copenhagen has missed it so much that it will be great regardless. Come rain or shine, people will be enjoying themselves at Roskilde Festival.

The atmosphere is always amazing, and this year they’re bringing us an 8 day festival on the theme of ‘Summer Days’ – pretty fitting given that we’re set to enjoy a warm June in Denmark. It will take place from June 24-27, then resume on July 1-4, and there are so many amazing acts lined up to perform!

All in all, 40 artists will be participating. Some are activists, other musicians, performers and street artists, and some of the biggest names in Denmark will be there. Each day will see different performance schedules, all of which are available to view on the website.


Danish-language artists have always been the focus at Roskilde Festival, and it’s no different this year. Suspekt, who are probably Denmark’s most famous hip-hop artists, will be performing. Plus, there are loads of other big names playing, like R&B duo Smerz, and Copenhagen-born rapper Branco.

You can buy tickets for the festival on the website, and it will set you back DKK 425-295 for the whole festival. The audience will be divided into sections so that fewer people are mixing and you must have a valid corona passport as an entry requirement.

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