Copenhagen Is Officially The Safest City In The World

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Copenhagen Is Officially The Safest City In The World

It’s an enviable title!

Copenhagen has come out on top of The Economist’s most recent survey of the world’s safest cities. This means that our lovely city can now claim the title of the world’s safest city, and we think that Copenhagen deserves every award so we’re certainly happy about it.

60 major cities were ranked from safest to least safe, and Copenhagen scored 82.4 out of a possible 100 points, placing the city at the top of the leaderboard. The second safest city was Toronto, then in third, fourth and 5th place were Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Stunning Singapore. Photo: Unsplash

The survey was last conducted in 2019 and back then Copenhagen was nowhere to be seen in the top 5, with Tokyo winning the title. So, this is a big deal for Copenhagen, but how did the survey measure safety?


Well, several factors were considered in this survey, such as the prevalence of violent crime in each city. Other measurements included the number of trees in the city, the city’s life expectancy, how many doctors the city has, and even the number of people who have access to the internet.

Beautiful Yangon. Photo: Unsplash

Unfortunately for Yangon in Myanmar, Karachi in Pakistan, and Caracas in Venezuela, these three cities came bottom of the list for safety. You can read the full report online and compare cities with one another on the Economist website.

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