Søren Brostrøm Has Reassured Children That Santa Is Still Coming And It’s Too Cute

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Søren Brostrøm Has Reassured Children That Santa Is Still Coming And It’s Too Cute

This might just be the sweetest tweet ever tweeted.

We all know how excited children get when they’re waiting for Santa to bring them their Christmas gifts but this year travel had been disrupted by the ongoing pandemic. Subsequently, Søren Brostrøm, the Director of The Danish Health Authority (Sundhedsstyrelsen), has sought to soothe any anxieties children might have about disruption in Santa’s journey to Denmark.

His tweet reads: ‘A citizen has written and asked if I can give Santa Claus dispensation from quarantine rules, so he can travel freely in Denmark. We all know that he is busy on Christmas Eve handing out all the presents to the children, so he does not have to self-isolate himself for several days. But as all children (and adults) know, Santa Claus comes from Greenland! And since Greenland is part of the kingdom (and has virtually no COVID-19 up there), there are neither entry restrictions nor requirements for self-isolation when Santa arrives in Denmark.’

He goes on to say that: ‘If Santa – as I expect – travels with his own reindeer and sleigh, I would say he is exempted from the face-mask requirement, which applies on the plane from Greenland. I do not know if my Greenlandic colleague Henrik will demand that Santa presents a negative COVID-19 test before the trip home to Grønaldn, but if so, we must help Santa to book an appointment in a test center.’

Transport Minister Benny Engelbrech has even joined in, adding that: ‘the Greenlandic airspace was closed […] but not applicable travelers to or from the rest of the Commonwealth, including Santa Claus.’ So, if anyone needed reassurance that Santa’s coming to Copenhagen this year, you’ve got it, and from the authorities, no less! It’s nice to see the Danish sense of humour shining through in what is a difficult time for the country.

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