How To Survive Spending Christmas With Housemates This Year

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This Christmas some Copenhageners will be isolating with housemates who also have Covid-19 and for some of us with family in different countries, it hasn’t been possible to go home. So, how do you go about celebrating Christmas with your housemates, having already spent the rest of the year watching them leave dirty dishes in the sink and towels on the floor?

1. Make sure dinner is a team effort

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You probably have the urge to recreate your mother’s every move this Christmas, but keep in mind that it’s not just your family that has traditions. Make the day (and the dinner) a team effort, so everybody can have their Christmas comfort of choice while away from home. Oh, and don’t forget to agree on who’s doing the washing and the drying afterwards…

2. Stock up on plenty of booze

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Whether you get on or are usually passing ships, you’re probably gonna need lots of alcohol to stay entertained the entire day. If you’re isolating, make sure you get one big old delivery.

3. Plan a day of fun activities

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This is a fun way to shake it up whether you’re with family or not – because let’s face it, Christmas day can get pretty boring when you’re an adult. Whether it’s brewing up some mulled wine in the evening, or playing a few board games while you settle your tums, adding a little bit of a structure to the day can ensure there’s no awkward quiet time where you inevitably sit and reflect on how much you wish you were spending the day with someone else.

4. Avoid social media

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Not only will sitting on your phone all day make you look pretty rude, but also – no one needs smug reminders from those who did make it home this Christmas.


5. Have your family on Facetime standby

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Need a bit of a buffer from socialising? Have some time blocked out to speak to your family, providing both a little bit of normality and a breakaway just when you need it the most.

6. Christmas day baths are your saviour

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If you’re really struggling with the change, run yourself a hot bath and enjoy a quiet read for a bit. You can pass it off as a Christmas day tradition that you “do every year” while sneaking yourself a little bit of a breather while you’re at it.

7. Remember that you don’t have to act fake overjoyed when your grandmother gifts you yet another [insert garish gift here]

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While it’s the thought that counts, it’s definitely pretty awkward receiving an unwanted gift. Just be thankful that this year, you can both give and receive gifts by mail – avoiding any awful soap-style acting when you open something you don’t like.

8. Use it as an opportunity to make new traditions

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Is there something you’ve always wanted to do on Christmas day that your family wasn’t on board with? Use this opportunity to make Christmas day your own. Whether it’s a cheeky Mimosa in the morning or Christmas dinner later in the day – embrace the change and do the big day exactly as you wish (with the agreement of your housemate(s), of course).

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