Tivoli Has Given Its Christmas Trees To COVID-19 Test Centres

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Tivoli Has Given Its Christmas Trees To COVID-19 Test Centres

Tivoli was forced to close early due to new restrictions recently.

Christmas in Tivoli is a magical experience, adored by residents and tourists alike.  However, the park was forced to close on December 9 due to new restrictions related to COVID-19. Lots of people were disappointed and the park was left with lots of real Christmas trees which nobody would be able to enjoy now that the park is closed. [Photo: @tivoli on Facebook]

However, Tivoli has cooked up a brilliant idea to bring joy with their Christmas trees even when the park is closed. Their solution is to donate their Christmas trees to the seven test centres that are permanently based in the city centre. These beautiful trees will now be able to bring joy to those working at the centre and those who are being tested there.


It’s an amazing idea and a lovely nod to the efforts of those involved in reducing contagion – something that, over time, could perhaps allow the park to re-open. Those who are feeling tentative about tests or worried about the results will also be able to marvel at these fantastic trees in the test centres. The trees will be delivered on December 16, so if you’re having a test in one of the permanent test centres after tomorrow, you should be able to see the trees.

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