Despite Restrictions Tivoli Will Have A Magnificent Fireworks Display On New Year’s Eve

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

tivoli fireworks

In accordance with the current restrictions Tivoli has had to close its doors, but in true Tivoli style, it’s still here to bring Copenhageners a spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks display. The fireworks will be extra high in the sky this year so that they can be seen from far away.

You can’t visit the park to see the fireworks lit but if you look up at 11 pm on December 31 you should be able to see and hear them! This year they’re really pulling out all the stops, with thousands of fireworks set to illuminate the night sky.

After the year we’ve had, we’re more than ready to celebrate but there are still certain restrictions in place this New Year. Alcohol sales are banned between the hours of 10 pm and 5 pm, and restaurants and bars must close their doors at 11 pm.


The Danish Health Authority has also asked people to limit their social interactions over the festive period and to avoid large New Year’s Eve celebrations. So, watching Tivoli’s fireworks from wherever you may be celebrating seems like the perfect way to say hello to the new year.

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