This Copenhagen Artist Creates Incredible Troll Sculptures From Recycled Trash

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

This Copenhagen Artist Creates Incredible Troll Sculptures From Recycled Trash

Who knew trash could create such amazing characters?

Thomas Dambo hails from Copenhagen and he makes the most amazing artwork from trash and/or recycled materials. From Mexico City to Wulong, China, Thomas’ trolls have popped up around the world and enchanted many an onlooker with their impressive stature. Not only do these trolls have a phenomenal presence, but they also have incredible personalities. Some trolls even have their own poems, which you can read on the website, and these poems tell beautiful stories about the lives of the trolls. These sculptures have to be seen to be believed, and Copenhageners are in luck because there are so many of these trolls right here in Denmark:

Pil Tusindtunge, Egholm

Green George, Christiania

The beautiful artwork was created by Rasmus Balstrøm.


Kaptajn Nalle, Nordhavn

Little Tilde, Vallensbæk Mose

 Runde Rie, Roskilde

Stærke Storm, Søbadet in Silkeborg

If you want to search for these fantastic trolls yourself then you can find the coordinates to each troll on this website. The trolls are spread across the world but there are so many here in Denmark, just be prepared to have your mind blown once you encounter one because they really are impressive works of art. This is why Thomas has been able to create trolls in so many different countries, delighting children and adults alike with these strong characters that punctuate the landscape with an important message – ‘the world is in our hands’.

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