10 Incredible Women Artists From Copenhagen To Follow On Instagram

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

10 Incredible Women Artists From Copenhagen To Follow On Instagram

Copenhagen is an art-lover’s paradise.

It’s International Women’s Day on March 8 and we wanted to honour the women artists of Copenhagen who pour their creative souls into producing breathtaking artwork. Whether you’re into the beautiful texture of a detailed oil painting, abstract art with incredible depth or intricate designs made from expertly folded paper, the women artists of Copenhagen have produced it, are producing it or will produce it – just watch this space! [Photos: @galleri_mahoney/@Stromjordet.art]

1. @galleri_mahoney

Annette Mahoney makes beautiful, bold artwork using clean lines and vibrant colours. It’s the kind of artwork you could stare at for hours and never get bored of because there is so much depth to it. Check out her Instagram account to see more.

2. @aisha.irma

Aisha-Irma creates so many inspiring images of the female form. Bold silhouettes with features that are highlighted but not sexualised give each piece a feeling of identity and spirit. If you want to see feel as refreshed as we do by her artwork then head over to her Instagram account.

3. @charlotte_littlelot

Charlotte Søeborg Ohlsen creates amazing, intricate artwork from paper and we can’t believe how precisely she can cut and fold her designs. Not everybody likes insects, but we are 100% here for it – the insects are unbelievably beautiful. Check out her Instagram account to see more.

4. @strandmonstudio

Wanna see something beautiful, abstract and uplifting in equal measures? Well, you’re going to love Sacha B’s Instagram account because it just keeps getting better. We never thought that we’d type these words, but we love those boob-eyes.

5. @stromjordet.art

This beautiful mish-mash of faces is the sort of thing the amazing Marianne creates. It’s the kind of artwork that brings a smile to your face and makes you feel good about being human. Continuous lines create a crowd and a community, and if you love it as much as we do then you need to check out her Instagram account.

6. @etsuko_artwork

Etsuko Oide’s artwork is so elegant and has such depth. Layers and layers of different patterns and colours combine to create something that is even more beautiful than its component parts. If you’d like to stare, mouth agape, at some more of her artwork, check out her Instagram account.


7. @christinamosegaard

Christina Mosegaard is a master at using light and shade to create depth and personality. Can you feel those golden eyes staring deeply into yours? We can, and we can also trace the tiny capillaries that create a flush in the cheeks, making this painting feel so real and so human. We highly recommend checking out her Instagram account for more artwork.

8. @ieva_bluma

Ieva Bluma’s artwork is a symphony. It’s more than an explosion of creativity because each section is detailed in such a way that every colour, shape and texture knits together into something incredible. Visit her Instagram page for more fascinating pieces.

9. @freja_noehr_art

Freja Nøhr’s use of colour is genius. Somehow the bold colours that she uses to create shade and light blends and pop simultaneously. The world according to Freja Nøhr is bright and colourful, and we want to live there! Follow her on Instagram for more of her amazing artwork.

10. @chromashi

Chromashi’s work is V I B R A N T, and we adore it! She takes simple silhouettes and makes them so complex using colour, texture and incredible shapes. It’s inspiring and we can’t stop staring at it. To stare at it yourself, check out her Instagram account.

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