5 Burger Joints Offering The Tastiest Takeaway In Copenhagen

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5 Burger Joints Offering The Tastiest Takeaway In Copenhagen

Feeling hungry? Give these places a try!

Sometimes a big juicy takeaway burger is just what’s needed after a long day at work and these places serve some of the best burgers in the city, with the added perk that they will deliver the food directly to your door. Even better, all of these places offer veggie and vegan burgers that actually taste delicious and which even meat-eaters will love. Pig out in front of the TV with one of these tasty burgers (or two if you’re hungry) and you’re basically guaranteed to have a great evening. [Photos: halifaxburgers/jaggerff]


The takeaway menu at POPL is simple but delicious. POPL has to be one of the best burger joints in Copenhagen and their burgers are out-of-this-world good. The meat burgers are juicy, rich in umami flavour and deeply satisfying, and the veggie and vegan burgers definitely live up to that high standard too. They ferment quinoa for two days to create a deep, almost nutty flavour that makes you want to eat here day in, day out. You can order from the website, but hurry because their burgers often sell out.

2. Jagger

There are tons of Jaggers, across Copenhagen, and that’s a good thing because everyone needs to try their burgers. Plus, there are loads of burgers to choose from if you order from Jagger, including two veggie burgers and one vegan burger, all of which are so tasty. Every burger comes in a delicious, organic, brioche bun, aside from the vegan burger which is gluten-free. You can wash it all down with a delicious milkshake and even top-up on some tasty ice-cream. Orders for takeaway can be placed on the website.

3. Tommy’s Burger Joint

Tommi’s Burger Joint is a great place to go if you’re craving a classic American burger with all of the trimmings. There are loads of options to choose from here, with vegan and veggie burgers available too (and they taste great). However, the really outstanding offering is the béarnaise burger. Creamy, sharp béarnaise is just what’s needed to cut through the meaty texture of the beef, veggie and vegans burgers. Additionally, you can order all sorts of delicious sides, from sweet potato fries to amazing milkshakes. Check out their website and download the app from there to start ordering.


4. Grillen Burger Bar

There’s something for everyone at Grillen Burger Bar, with 9 different burgers to choose from, including a veggie burger and various other offerings that come dripping in cheese. If you’re going to indulge in a burger then you may as well go all-in right? Grillen Burger Bar seems to share this sentiment, offering all of the least healthy, yet tastiest, burger combinations. Plus, if you’re going to order from here then you absolutely must try one of their milkshakes, which are thick, creamy, and delightfully unhealthy. The website has more details on how to order food.

5. Halifax

Halifax like to play with flavour and their burgers are all named after different cities, drawing inspiration from the flavours associated with those cities. You can also order a whole host of different sauces, fries and even burger bowls, which are great if you can’t have gluten. Chicken wings and chicken tenders (posh chicken nuggets) will win the heart of any fried chicken fans and they have deals on for kid’s burgers at the moment, which will be great news to anyone feeding burger-hungry kiddies. You can read the extensive menu on the website and order from there too.

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