Brossaints • The Croissant And Doughnut Hybrid Has Come To Copenhagen

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Brossaints • The Croissant And Doughnut Hybrid Has Come To Copenhagen

These brossaints run rings around the traditional doughnut.

Bronuts Donuts has the best cure for any January blues with their new brossaints, which combines doughnut and crossaint dough to make a fluffy, flakey and delicious treat. The concept of combining the two types of dough originated in New York with Dominique Ansel as ‘cronuts’. However, bakeries all over the world are putting their own twist on what is becoming a very popular phenomenon. [Photo: @Bronutsdonutsdk on Facebook]

Crossaints and doughnuts are already known for being rich and indulgent, and that richness comes in part from the high butter content in both doughs. Therefore, when combined, the dough becomes super-rich and tasty. When crossaints are made, butter is layered between sheets of pastry and this is what creates the flaky, buttery inside we’re all so familiar with. The doughnut dough creates a bouncy texture in the middle and a crispy, fried outer layer.


Once you’ve eaten one you will ask yourself where brossaints have been all your life. Bronuts Donuts has become a popular place to indulge in Copenhagen and they are known for their lavish toppings and fillings. Basically, they make the richest, tastiest doughnuts and brossaints and then decorate them with the richest and tastiest sweets. What could be better than that? Check out their website for locations – there are tons!

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