7 Candlelit Restaurants In Copenhagen For A Romantic Meal

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Junior Writer

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Denmark is the home of ‘hygge’, that dimly lit, cosy, and comfortable atmosphere in which you can really engage with those around you and forget all of the worries that you’ve had that day or might have tomorrow. Danes are great at creating a lovely atmosphere and one aspect of this is lighting. Nobody wants to sit and eat their dinner on an evening with bright artificial lighting. A little lighting is good, but the light of candles is even better and more romantic. Copenhageners are in luck because the city has so many stunning restaurants at which you can eat by candlelight and revel in the romantic atmosphere.

1. Gaarden & Gaden

📍Nørrebrogade 88, 2200

Gaarden & Gaden has to be one of the prettiest restaurants in Copenhagen, with twinkling lights and romantic candles that illuminate beautiful burgundy walls. Here they pride themselves on serving fresh food, and during the day there are even fresh oysters on offer. On an evening you can order a 5-course tasting menu for 295 DKK or opt to order a la carte. Visit the website to read the full menu and book a table.

2. Kadeau

📍Wildersgade 10B, 1408

I mean, just look at that photo! It screams romance. Those beautiful big windows and oodles of candles everywhere. Plus, the food is pretty amazing and if you’re a foodie then you’re bound to have heard of Kadeau because its reputation precedes it. The tasting menu changes regularly but it’s sure to include plenty of tasty fish and shellfish and often wild game. It ain’t cheap, but it’s high-quality food, and you can book a table via the website.

3. Il Buco

📍Njalsgade 19C, 2300

This stunning restaurant offers fantastic, seasonal Italian food, including delicious homemade pasta. They use mostly Danish produce to create tasty meals and they’re very good at using the whole animal rather than just specific cuts of meat to create great-tasting meals. To book a table, visit the website.

4. Llama


📍Lille Kongensgade 14, 1074

Llama takes its inspiration from across Latin America, from Mexico all the way down to Argentina, so you can imagine that their food if is bursting with a variety of flavours spanning two continents. Plus, you’ll taste something distinctly Scandi in each of their dishes as they use lots of local produce alongside those Latin American flavours. Gorgeous tiles decorate the walls and in the glow of the candlelight, the whole place looks amazing. Visit the website to book a table.

5. Salon 39

📍Vodroffsvej 37, 1900

Flickering candlelight sets the scene for a delicious romantic meal at Salon 39, and if you love French food then you’re in for a treat. Here you can order a fixed, 3-course menu or order plates a la carte, including classic dishes such as moules frites and creme brulee, cooked to perfection. You can book a table and view the menu on the website.

6. Khun Juk Oriental

📍Store Kongensgade 9, 1264

A trip to Khun Juk Oriental is definitely worth getting excited about, and you can see how stunning the decor is in the image above. Not only is the restaurant comfy and intimate but the food is also incredible. If you like Thai food then you’re going to love this place because it’s been awarded ‘best authentic Thai cuisine in Denmark’, which is pretty cool! You can view the mouthwatering menu on the website.

7. Uformel

📍Studiestræde 69, 1554

At Uformel you’ll find delicious, incredible-quality food and a cosy atmosphere. It’s the less expensive younger brother of Michelin star restaurant Formel B and still fairly upmarket but it’s also not the kind of stuffy, fancy place where you stare at the 5 different forks on your table and wonder what they’re all for. Here they serve a variety of natural wines, stored in cabinets that create the perfect backdrop to a magical, romantic meal. You can read the menu and book a table on the website.

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