You’ll Want To Tell Everyone About This New Boutique Cocktail Bar In Copenhagen • MÓSHÙ

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

You’ll Want To Tell Everyone About This New Boutique Cocktail Bar In Copenhagen • MÓSHÙ

Everything about it is just gorgeous!

There are places that you visit for a relaxed drinks with friends, and places that you visit for a memorable experience. MÓSHÙ is both. It’s pretty exclusive in that you can’t just wander in off the street, but it’s not pretentious. On the contrary, everybody is friendly, and visiting MÓSHÙ really is about having fun.

You’ll realise this as soon as you see the tiny rubber ducks that accompany their cocktails and the lovely, ornate teapots from which you can expect a tasty concoction of flavours. A lot of care and attention to detail has been given when designing this place, and you’ll have your phone out within seconds to take photos of the beautiful decor, should you visit.


The brains behind this new bar are also responsible for 1105 and another of our favourites, 1656. However, we have to say that MÓSHÙ is the most vivid and visually arresting of the three. Here, as with the other two bars, cocktails come with their own personality. It’s a realy magic show, with bubbles, smoke and the cutest little decorations that will appeal to the child in anyone, whilst also being undeniably alcoholic.

Both the terrace and the interior are furnished luxuriously. After all, this place is meant to make visitors feel like VIPs, and from the dragons that decorate the cocktails to the gorgeous bamboo patterns on the wall, this place has a wonderful, East Asian feel it. If you’d like to book a table at MÓSHÙ, you can do so by visiting the website, and you can find it at Lille Kongensgade 8, 1074.

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