Savour A New Cocktail Every Month With Monthly Cocktail Deliveries • Spiritium Cocktails

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Savour A New Cocktail Every Month With Monthly Cocktail Deliveries • Spiritium Cocktails

Explore a world of cocktails from your own kitchen!

Life can be pretty boring right now, right? No matter how hard we try to find new things to do it’s always that same bottle of red wine every weekend after a hard week at work. If you’ve managed to avoid that rut then we applaud you, but sometimes it’s just nice to try something new, and with one of these cocktail boxes from Spiritium Cocktails you put in basically zero effort with tasty results. [Photos: @spiritiumcocktails/Facebook]

These fantastic cocktail boxes arrive once a month, containing everything you need to make a delicious and exciting cocktail. And it’s not just a martini or a pina colada, these guys have thought up cocktails completely new to us, with ingredients that you’d ordinarily have to order online, especially with fewer and fewer specialty shops open at the moment.


March’s box is set to be a yummy one, containing all of the ingredients to make an Apple Pie cocktail, as devised by their expert mixologists. The ingredients will stretch to at least 6 cocktails, and where possible they’re organic and locally sourced. Great Dane Spiced Rum forms the base, with fancy apple juice, vanilla syrup, cinnamon syrup, and lime juice. Also included are delicious little additions that can be used to decorate the glasses, so you can feel like you’re at a really upmarket cocktail bar instead of your kitchen.

There are instructions on how to combine the ingredients, and putting it all together is pretty fun. Perhaps Spiritium Cocktails’ delivery boxes will inspire you to become a mixologist, or you could just keep gulping those cocktails and letting other people design them for you. We think the latter sounds pretty spot-on. Check out their website to read more info and order their boxes. The subscription costs 379.00 kr a year, which comes to just over 30 kr a month.

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