Enjoy Cosy Cocoa And Mulled Wine Cruises In Copenhagen This December

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Junior Writer

hey captain autumn cruise cocoa mulled wine

The best way to see Copenhagen is from the water, in our opinion. Even in the colder months, the city looks incredible from boats like those run by Hey Captain, and this year they’ve created the perfect autumn/winter tour of Copenhagen’s waterways.

In the summer they offer rose tours on their beautiful boats, but now that the weather is much colder you can warm up on board with delicious cocoa and mulled wine instead! These tours have got to be the cosiest on offer in Copenhagen, with plenty of blankets to keep warm under whilst you set sail along the city’s stunning waterways.


Don’t worry if it starts to rain (as it often does in Copenhagen), it will just add to the cosy atmosphere as you snuggle into those blankets and enjoy a hot drink under the hood of the boat. The delicious hot chocolate, tea and coffee are complimentary, included in the price of the boat trip, which is 200DKK per person. You do have to pay 40 DKK if you’d like a beer or a glass of mulled wine but you won’t regret it once you smell those pungent, spicy aromas.

Cruises are already running, and they’ll finish on December 19 so there’s still plenty of time to enjoy one. Don’t worry if you’d like to attend solo or you can’t meet the 12 person requirement to book the boat. You can book an individual spot and others in a similar situation will join you, which sounds great to a chatty person like me. Visit the website for more information, or to book a spot on a cruise.

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