8 Exciting Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Copenhagen

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Junior Writer

copenhagen rain

There are some places in the world where you can make outdoor plans and you don’t even need to consider the possibility of rainfall ruining them. Copenhagen is not one of those places. We love this soggy city, but it’s rare to have a week free of rain, so especially in the winter Copenhageners move indoors. We think that’s one of the reasons why Danes are famed for creating excellent atmospheres, and why the Danish concept of hygge is now so popular worldwide. With the right combination of fun, friends and comfort you can have a fantastic time in Copenhagen whatever the weather.

1. Visit North Atlantic House

It’s so fascinating to learn about different parts of the world and different cultures, and whilst the Faroe Islands may be a part of Denmark, they are situated just above Scotland, giving them a very distinct cultural history. You can learn more about the Faroe Islands at North Atlantic House and, honestly, we could spend hours here looking at the artifacts and exhibitions. Check out the website to book your visit.

2. Play indoor mini-golf

Famously, Copenhagen is pretty cold during autumn and winter, and the wind and rain can make it feel even colder. However, at Camping Kødbyen you can enjoy what is usually an outdoor activity inside, away from all that rain and wind. Check out the website to read more about it.

3. Visit a castle

Denmark has so many beautiful and enchanting castles in which to explore and escape from the rain. Check out our list of fairytale castles for tips on where to go.

4. Stuff your face at Torvehallerne

In Copenhagen, you don’t need to be outdoors to enjoy a good food market, and if you want quality and variety then head to Torvehallerne. Here you can find anything, from vegan cream buns to fresh seafood, and keep everyone happy, no matter their dietary requirements. You can read more about it on the website.

5. Play board games at Bastard Cafe


Ever been to a board game cafe? If the answer is no then you’re definitely missing out! At Bastard Café they have 4,000 games to choose from, and they also sell delicious food and drinks. You can easily spend an afternoon here having fun with your friends and not even realise that it’s raining outside. Visit the website to read more about it.

6. Play pétanque at Boulebar

Play pétanque like you’re in Paris with delicious French food to nibble on whilst you strive to win at this gravel-based game. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s a variety of boules in which you try and bowl your ball the closest to the target. You don’t have to be sporty to play it and this place is pretty swanky so you can order loads of delicious cocktails and feel fancy whilst you play. Check out the website to read more about Boulebar.

7. Den Blå Planet

At The Blue Planet you’ll be so transfixed by all of the amazing sea creatures that you won’t care what the weather’s like outside. It’s all indoors and you can see sea otters, eagle rays, electric eels, piranhas and plenty of endangered species whose welfare is well taken care of at this world-class aquarium. You can book tickets via the website.

8. Visit NY Carlsberg Gyltotek

We can’t get enough of this place. Here you can see art from Europe alongside artefacts from ancient Greece and Egypt. It’s a truly beautiful gallery and museum and there are rooms filled with foliage that make you feel like you’re outside enjoying pleasant weather. You can book tickets on the website.

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