How To Book A Covid-19 Test In Copenhagen And Where To Find The Test Centres

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How To Book A Covid-19 Test In Copenhagen And Where To Find The Test Centres

All residents are entitled to free Covid-19 tests.

Getting a Covid-19 test is easier now than it ever has been but it can be difficult sometimes to sift through the information we’re bombarded with nowadays. Testing capacity has improved a great deal in the past few months, and now every resident of Copenhagen can arrange a test. This still applies, even if you’re not experiencing symptoms, or have not had contact with somebody who has tested positive. There are 3 different types of testing centres in Copenhagen now and there are different requirements for attendance. It’s important to remember that if you are ill and require the attention of a doctor, you should call your usual doctor’s surgery or 1813 if it’s outside of normal opening hours.

Fixed Covid-19 testing sites

If you are planning to attend any of these sites then you must first book an appointment online. You can then choose a time and place for your appointment. The test centres are:

Ballerup COVID-19 test site – Energivej 50, Ballerup (open every day from 9am-5pm)

Copenhagen COVID-19 test site – Vingelodden 6, Copenhagen N (open every day from 7am-10pm)

Copenhagen Airport  COVID-19 test site – Ellehammersvej 26, Kastrup (open 6am – 12:45 am) – You must have a flight ticket or booking to get a test here

Taastrup COVID-19 test site – Taastrupgårdsvej 28, Taastrup (open  7am – 10pm)

Valby COVID-19 test site – Torveporten 1, Valby (open 9am-10pm)

Mobile Covid-19 testing sites

You do not need to book an appointment to attend one of these sites and get a test. However, these sites are only open for a few days at most.


University of Copenhagen –  Søndre Campus Amager, Njalsgade 76, Copenhagen (18 – 24 Jan, 12noon – 6pm)
Nørrebrohallen – Nørrebrogade 208, København N Entrance from Den Røde Plads (25 – 31 Jan, 12 noon – 6pm)

If you live just outside of Copenhagen, visit this page for details on your local mobile Covid-19 testing sites.

Quick Test Sites

Rapid, antigen tests are available at many different locations, so we’ve listed their websites for your reference. Some require appointments, which can be booked here. Results take about 15 minutes but these tests are less accurate. If you have symptoms or have been around somebody who has tested positive, you must book an appointment at one of the fixed sites instead. 

Copenhagen Medical 

SOS International



For further information on how to get a test, go to the official government website.

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