This Bakery Sells Innovative And Addictive Danish Cookies And We’re Hooked • Leckerbaer

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This Bakery Sells Innovative And Addictive Danish Cookies And We’re Hooked • Leckerbaer

They’re even tastier than they look.

If you’re in the market for some tasty Danish cookies (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), you need to head down to Leckerbaer immediately because their cookies are mouthwateringly good. You can grab a huge variety of different textures, styles and flavours here, from traditional, buttery Danish biscuits to meringue-topped tarts. They’re all packed with a strong punch of flavour that will bring a smile to your face. [Photos: @leckerbaer]

Alternatively, if soft, fluffy cakes are more your thing, you can peruse to your heart’s delight and pick something delicious out from behind the counter. Plus, you can also find delicious brownies and blondies here, which are perfect for a lunchtime treat if you want to type with one hand and eat with the other (yes, we are guilty of that). They come in loads of different flavours, including salted caramel, and there is always a gluten-free option on offer.

Everything is decorated beautifully and the food here is so pretty that it’s almost too good to eat, made with the utmost care. Gifts from here are great too, and their butter cookie tins make for a wonderful birthday or even a housewarming gift. Moreover, you can buy loads of different gift boxes here, like the Småkager box which is packed with intricately decorated cookies in a variety of flavours.


You can find Leckerbaer in Indre Østerbro, at Ryesgade 118 and the bakery is open between 11 am – 4 pm Thursdays and Fridays, then 11 am – 3 pm on Saturdays. Check out the website to read more about this delicious place.

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