A Thrilling New Escape Room Challenge Is Opening On The Streets Of Copenhagen

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

A Thrilling New Escape Room Challenge Is Opening On The Streets Of Copenhagen

Save the city in only 2 hours!

Operation Mindfall premieres in Copenhagen on 8 May and it’s been really popular already in cities like Odense and Aarhus, so this concept should work brilliantly in Copenhagen. It’s all about saving the city rather than escaping a room, so you’re let loose on the streets of the city with a bag full of fun gadgets to play with and an iPad that will guide you along the way. [Featured photos: cityescape.dk]

It all starts at City Escape Games, Flæsketorvet 68 – close to Copenhagen Central Station. That’s where you’ll get your instructions – to stop Spider Tech by hacking into their servers and creating an antidote to the brainwashing virus they’ve introduced to the drinking water. However, you have to be sneaky because there could be spies everywhere so you can’t trust anybody.


If all this sneaking around the city sounds good to you, it will set you back 255 DKK per person, but then it gets cheaper as you add additional people. So, for example, if you bring 5 people then it’s only 175 DKK per person. Plus, as the weather heats up and we start to think about how everyone can socialise safely, it’s great to be able to do activities outside, in the fresh air. You can book tickets on the website.

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