Indulge With These Delicious Donuts Disguised As Fastelavnsbolle • Sweet Valentine

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Indulge With These Delicious Donuts Disguised As Fastelavnsbolle • Sweet Valentine

Fill your tummy before Lent with these fluffy buns.

Most of us have probably been eating the delicious Danish speciality that is fastelavnsbolle for weeks now. They’re not easy to resist when they’re looking all tasty on bakery shelves across the city, but the fastelavnsbolle that Sweet Valentine is making are a bit different to the others. These Shrovetide buns are actually donuts, styled in the traditional Shrovetide way. [Photos: @sweetvalentinecph/Facebook]

Some fastelavnsbolle purists may scoff at this, but donut dough and fastelavnsbolle dough is basically the same thing. The only big difference is that the dough is fried, instead of baked, making it even more rich and indulgent. Plus, these genius hybrids are decorated with cream in the traditional Shrovetide way, which makes them taste amazing.

Hungry? We’ve not even mentioned the delicious flavours yet! Sweet Valentine combines classic patisserie flavours like chocolate and vanilla with iconically Nordic flavours like sea buckthorn and blackcurrant. Flavours like Nordic lemon have long since been a favourite for shrovetide buns and zesty flavours like these cut through the richness of chocolate on buttery donuts. If you’re not the biggest fan of fastelavnsbolle but you have a sweet tooth then take a look at the array of beautiful patisserie on offer at Sweet Valentine. They have the most delicious cakes, both vegan and non-vegan and gluten-free, which you can order from their website. Plus, ordering a homemade cake from Sweet Valentine also sounds like a brilliant idea for a Valentine’s Day at home this year.


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