Where To Buy Delicious Takeaway Fish And Chips In Copenhagen

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Where To Buy Delicious Takeaway Fish And Chips In Copenhagen

Check out these sole-warming spots.

Fish and chips is the ultimate comfort food in the UK, and Danes love it too. Although it’s pretty hard to find a British-style chip shop in Copenhagen, there are plenty of place selling fairly fancy and incredibly delicious fish and chips, that are now offering takeaway. Here are our favourite places in the city to bag yourself a delicious fish supper, and as restaurants are currently closed, all of the below are offering takeaway.

1. Den Grønne Kutter

📍Rømersgade 18, 1362

Den Grønne Kutter is a lovely stall in Torvehallerne full of fresh fish and shellfish, and they also sell tasty meals. For 129 kr you can order some excellent beer-battered cod with chips and tartar sauce to stuff your face with. It’s crispy, fresh and you couldn’t ask for more, really! You can order using Wolt, and there are tons of options to choose from if fish and chips isn’t your thing, although it probably is since you’re reading this.

2. Börger

📍Istedgade 103, 165


Börger is – you guessed it – a burger restaurant. However, they also serve delicious fish and chips with tartar sauce to takeaway and you can order it via this website. They don’t offer delivery so you have to go and pick it up if you want fish and chips from here, but it is well worth a trip for some tasty comfort food.

3. Hooked

📍Nørrebrogade 59, 2200

With three locations in Copenhagen, Hooked have been selling fish and chips left right and centre, and people love them. However, their Norrebro location is the only location open at the moment. You can order a huge variety of seafood from Hooked and it’s all delicious, but their fish and chips is brilliant. It will set you back 110kr and you can order via the website, or call them on +4569161816 to order your meal and pick it up once it’s ready.

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