This Gorgeous Floating Hotel Room In Holmen Is Made Entirely From Recycled Materials

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This Gorgeous Floating Hotel Room In Holmen Is Made Entirely From Recycled Materials

This floating hotel room-cum-studio apartment screams Scandi-chic.

KAJ Hotel is inspired by a life on and a love of houseboats. Built by Barbara von Haffner and Toke Larsen, the hotel is in fact just a single floating room “built according to the same principles as [their] own houseboat; primarily from recycled and surplus materials.” Barbara and Toke love the idea of giving things a second life, and “always feel more at home in surroundings with a history rather than new and impersonal ones”.

The facade is made of recycled patio boards, the windows are from Kuglegården (the former Danish defense command) and the iron foundation is built with old railroad poles, for example.

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The hotel is nestled in the water-bound neighbourhood of Holmen, which is found in the former grounds of the Royal Naval Base and Dockyards. The room comes complete with a king-sized bed, a toilet and bathroom with shower, and a kitchenette with a refrigerator, freezer, hob and basic kitchen utensils. And, of course, the decor is beautifully Danish in every way.


Following a night at the lovely KAJ Hotel, you’ll be awakened by scrummy porridge oats with organic fresh fruit or sugar. The ingredients, based on a recipe by Danish chef Bo Lindegaard, will be provided—you’ll just have to heat it up whenever suits you. The coffee comes from Impact Roasters, a native Ethiopian roaster located just 20 minutes away in Valby. The tea is sourced from A.C. Perch, a Copenhagen icon established back in 1835.

Images courtesy of KAJ Hotel


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