There’s An Amazing Japanese Design Festival In Copenhagen This Weekend

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Junior Writer

japanese design festival

Japanese culture has a pretty strong presence in Copenhagen. From the Japanese Sakura Festival in the spring to the vast amount of sushi spots around the city. Japan is known for cutting-edge innovation and highly specialized design that has allowed the country to become a high-tech powerhouse.

However, Japan’s incredible use of technology in everyday life is not the only thing for which the country is known. There are plenty of techniques used in baking, cooking, interior design, pottery, music, and sport that are unique to the country and enhance people’s experiences.

On November 13-14 the Seidokan Japan Center will be hosting an event dedicated to showing these amazing techniques to Copenhageners and there will be plenty to do and see with 22 companies, designers, and tradespeople coming to sell their wares, and show off their skills.


Spread over 4 floors visitors will be able to eat delicious food from the Japanese-Danish bakery Andersen Bakery, sample sake with Sake Specialisten, and experience incredible Japanese matcha with Atelier Hello Midori, plus much more. There there will be floors and floors of Japanese interior design to explore and talks to attend such as Ole G. Mouritsen’s on the art and science of Japanese cuisine.

It’s going to be an incredible and unmissable festival, the perfect way to spend a weekend experiencing new and exciting ideas. So, if you’d like to attend then you can book a ticket via the website for 75 DKK, and there you can also read through a list of designers and artisans attending the festival.

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