6 Bakeries Serving Incredible Kanelsnurrer In Copenhagen

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

cinnamon buns kanelsnurrer

Kanelsnurrer are popular in Copenhagen all year round and they’ve been popular worldwide for a long time now. Delicious flaky pastry with cinnamon and brown sugar is undeniably the perfect combination and I’ve long since been addicted to these delicious sweet bakes. Kanelsnurrer are favourites around Christmas time. That delicious cinnamon taste pairs so well with a hot cup of coffee for breakfast and it’s so reminiscent of the festive period. Here are our favourite places in Copenhagen to find the most delicious kanelsnurrer in Copenhagen.

1. Skt Peders Bageri

📍Sankt Peders Stræde 29, 1453 København K

Founded in 1652, Skt Peders Bageri is one of the oldest bakeries in Denmark, and it’s beloved by Copenhageners because here the baked goods are impeccable. Here you can buy delicious cinnamon buns, but you can also buy swirls filled with cardamom and chocolate, and a vegan version is also available.

2. Meyers Bageri

📍Amagerbrogade 48, 2300

📍Classensgade 33, 2100

📍Jægersborggade 9, 2200

With locations across the city, you might assume that Meyers Bageri operates like a chain, but here the quality is just as fantastic as any of the smaller bakeries in Copenhagen. Their cinnamon snails come in different flavours depending on the season and recently they offered pumpkin snails for Halloween.

3. Emmerys

Emmerys is another big player in Denmark, with 31 locations across the country, but all of their ingredients are organic. At the moment they’re serving tasty cherry and remonce versions of their delicious cinnamon snails, and even just looking at them will make you salivate.

4. Andersen Bakery


📍Thorshavnsgade 26, 2300

Andersen Bakery’s Japanese-Danish bakes combine the best elements of two incredible cultures. Once you’ve spied their delicious cardamom and marzipan snails you literally won’t be able to stop yourself devouring one. They are like magnets.

5. Det Rene Brød

📍Rosenvængets Allé 17, 2100

📍Aksel Møllers Have 2, 2000

Det Rene Brød is another fantastic Copenhagen bakery known for its incredible kanelsnurrer. You can either go traditional and buy the cinnamon version or push the boat out and get yourself a chocolate snail. They’re always mixing it up with new flavours here.

6. Brødflov

📍Falkoner Allé 36, 2000

📍Torvegade 50, 1400

It’s impossible to stop eating once you’ve tried the cinnamon swirls at Brødflov. We don’t know what their magic ingredient is but there’s something so moreish about them that just keeps us coming back. Plus, this place uses all organic ingredients too!

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