Light Brick Studio Want You To Test Their Games In Exchange For Free LEGO

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Light Brick Studio Want You To Test Their Games In Exchange For Free LEGO

All you have to do is give feedback on the games!

Sometimes, after a long hard week of work you just want to sit in front of the TV and play your favourite games, and right now LEGO games are incredibly popular. From Star Wars to DC Comics and Harry Potter, everything has been LEGO-fied in recent years, and fans will know that it all started in Denmark, where LEGO was first created.

So, it fits that one of the developers of LEGO games, Light Brick Studios, is situated right here in Copenhagen! That’s pretty convenient for LEGO fans because Light Brick are looking for game testers to come and give feedback on the games they’re developing.

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Pretty exciting, right? Light Brick are keen to gain insight into how players experience their games whilst they’re in development, and in order to participate all you need to do is sign up via the website. You can give feedback in either Danish or English, and it doesn’t matter if you’re not an avid game player because they’re looking for participants of all skill levels.


Sessions last between 1-2 hours and you get a little LEGO gift for participating. We can’t think of a better excuse to spend a couple of hours on a Friday playing games, and you can read more about the company and the game testing on the website.

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