You Can Warm Up With A Mobile Sauna Rented From This Lynæs Company

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

You Can Warm Up With A Mobile Sauna Rented From This Lynæs Company

Perfect for pampering.

Copenhagen has been bitterly cold this past couple of weeks (as we’re sure you’ve all noticed), and there’s even more freezing weather on the way in March. Moreover, it’s been a while now since saunas were accessible to most people, and being cramped into a sauna with strangers doesn’t sound all too appealing at the moment. [Photo: Mobilsauna.dk]

Luckily, Mobilsauna has another, rather tempting offer for us all to consider. The company actually provides mobile saunas, which are available to rent for as long and you’d like. Imagine having one of these amazing things in your garden! If you have a tow bar attached to your vehicle then you can collect your rental from Lynæs, but the company also provides a delivery service so not having a car isn’t a barrier to renting one of these beauties.


Credit: Mobilsauna.dk

If you’re brave enough to swim in our freezing cold waters then you can always rent one of these to escape to afterward. However, they’re also just great places to relax and recharge your batteries. We all need a bit of pampering and luxury from time to time, to keep us going through this stressful pandemic, and what could be better for a good de-stress than a sauna? You can also rent wilderness baths, which look like the perfect way to spend a weekend. Check out the website for more details.

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