You Can Order The Tastiest Pastries From This Enterprising Danish-Yorkshireman

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You Can Order The Tastiest Pastries From This Enterprising Danish-Yorkshireman

As delicious as homemade pastries but without all the effort!

Thomas Gibson hails from the hills of Yorkshire but moved to Copenhagen as a teenager, and now he has created a business that combines the best of culinary culture from both. There is something incredibly comforting about British home-baking. Eating a delicious cake or pastry creates a sense of hygge like that created by a coffee and cake at one of your favourite cafes, or a home-made Danish pastry. This sense of hygge is what Gibson aims to create with his takeaway boxes, and we are 100% there for it!

You can order a wide array of delicious treats from Daddy’s Bakes, from sandwiches and salads to cake, pastries and sweets. They are all so tasty, and we haven’t even told you the best bit yet! Everything is produced to order, so there is no waste. This kind of commitment to zero waste is brilliant because even if you want to buy from places that take this approach, it can be incredibly difficult to find out how food is produced. Parts of the packaging are also biodegradable, which cannot be said of many takeaways the world over, but Daddy’s Bakes endeavours to produce food responsibly.


Because everything is baked fresh, it arrives fresh, as though you have just been to your local bakery. Plus, they can deliver to most places, even outside of the county. One of the most delicious-sounding boxes is the ‘slikmund kassen’, which includes things like toffee and peanut popcorn and triple chocolate cake pops, making it deliciously more-ish. Then there’s a whole host of other boxes to choose from, including the ‘corona 112 kassen’, which includes tasty savoury options like sandwiches, salad, pesto snails and coconut-chocolate bars. Check out their website to view the menu and order.

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